Sota peak Mount Arapilies, VK3 VN 022, 4th January 2014

Mt Arapilies - summit

Mt Arapilies – summit

I decided to activate Mount Arapalies today, 4th January 2014.  The temperature was in the low twenties, there was no rain but the wind was blowing a gale. I drove up the single lane sealed track to the top: an easy drive and from the car park, walked to the summit where the trig point is located and also the site of the CFA fire-watch tower. The tower was occupied and I could hear radio chatter through the door of the building. I resisted the urge to knock and make myself known!  And I resisted the urge to call on the Mount Arapilies two metre repeater on 146.850 and try and stir up some business. As it turned out I made the right decision. There was no shortage of contacts. My first contact was at 01:02 and my last, 34 (33 successful) was at 02:42. The discrepancy was because of my obsessiveness over my signal report to a NSW mobile station. He just couldn’t understand his report.  He was 5 and 0 with me and the zero proved the problem.

I decided not to set up on the summit as the wind was ferocious. I tucked myself away in a secluded spot and it wasn’t so bad. There are plenty of activation spots for the less adventurous, like me, if it is really windy. The place was busy: mainly walkers and rock climbers.

My first contact was with VK3CAT/p, Tony, in the Alpine National Park. Then followed VK5WG, Nev; VK5LY, Larry; VK3FB/p, Len; VK3FPSR, Peter; VK5CZ, Ian; VK5PAS, Paul; VK3YSP, Joe, at home; VK3FD, QRP 2.5 watts, Ian; VK3AMB, Bernard; VK5STU, Stu; VK5FUZZ, Paul; VK3IL/p, David; VK3ARR, Andrew; VK5FMID, Brian; VK5JDS/p, Darryl at Port Lincoln; VK3VBI, Ron; VK2DAG; VK3ANL, QRP, Delta Loop, Nick; VK5FRCP, Rex; VK3SOL, Fred; VK2YW/m, John; VK3YN, Mark; VK3BYD, Warren; VK3UT QRP, Greg; VK5HCF, Col; VK5IS, Ian; VK3MEG, Steve; VK1NAM, Andrew; VK3YDN, John, VK2PDW, Wayne; VK3VEK, Kevin and VK3JP, Ron.

The dedication plaque for Fire Service lookout

The dedication plaque for Fire Service lookout

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