VK100AF, 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Airforce, 1921-2021, 8th August 2021.

A QSL card for VK5PF

I have received my first QSL card for VK5PF. I obtained this two-letter call to celebrate being an amateur for 40 years. I have kept the call for CW (morse code) contacts only. I am on the way to 200 qsos, most of which have been with WWFF and SOTA stations. These contacts are largely formulaic: exchange of call-signs and signal reports and WWFF or SOTA identification. Some have been confirmed on Logbook of the World (LOTW).

I set myself a goal of working VI100AF and VK100AF and achieved voice (ssb) and FT8 contacts with both stations on a number of bands from 80m to 10m. I thought I would call VK100AF using morse code and a dual paddle, instead of my hand key. I started with a bit of a wobble and had to correct my callsign. Anway I was pleased to check that I had a valid contact and then ordered the splendid four-sided card.

Mariana Islands, 8th August 2021

I was pleased to get this card confirming two contacts with KH0/KC0W, Tom. These contacts confirm an ATNO for me (all time new one) on two bands 20 and 15 metres using FT8 mode. The Mariana Islands are a crescent shaped archipelago of volcanic island remnants in the Pacific Ocean south east of Japan and southwest of Hawaii.