Lind National Park, 25th April 2014, VKFF-287

I activated Lind National Park early in the morning of the 26th April 2014 (UTC 25th April). I was able to catch up with my South Australian mates on 7.073 at 22:40. I exchanged signal reports with VK5ADL, David; VK5TW, Trevor; VK5ZK, Gary; VK5KGP, Graham, VK5TH/P5, Trevor (I gave Trevor 5 and 8 and he gave me 2 and 1: I reckon he should trade in his radio!) and finally, VK5ZTJ/P5, who was camping on the Yorke Peninsula. The worst report I received was 4 and 5 and my best was 5 and 9 (except from VK5TH/P5).

I then checked 7.100 and had the following contacts: VK3FQSO, Amanda; VK3HRA, Allen; VK2NNN, Darren; VK2CCJ, Cliff with a magnetic loop: his signal was 5 and 9 and he gave me 5 and 8); VK5AV, Tim; VK2LAX, Rod; VK5HOS, Owen; VK1DI, Ian; VK2KP, Ken, VK5ICP, Col and VK5ZPF, Peter, making 17 contacts.

Lind National Park, one of Victoria’s oldest is small, a mere 1,370 hectares.  The Parks Victoria brochure suggests this park has no facilities for visitors and the recommended way of seeing the park is to drive around the perimeter: Princes Highway – Combienbar Road and then Euchre Valley Scenic Drive. Unfortunately the Euchre Valley Scenic Drive is closed due to the failure of two bridges in the February 2014 fires.  However, great views of the dense rainforest can be seen on the left hand side of the Princes Highway driving towards Cann River,  but there are no places to stop on the Highway and it is very busy. I activated from a spot on the Combienbar Road almost as far as the turn at Club Terrace. There was a small clearing on the edge of the Park. It was not entirely satisfactory because there were logging trucks on the road. A line drawing of the park can be found in the Parks Victoria brochure available for download.