Mt Lofty, VK5-SE-005, a night time activation with VK5PAS/p, 6th November 2013

Paul suggested to me through the day that he was going to activate Mt Lofty at night. It was predicted to be a warm night and that is how it turned out. He invited me to come along. I could not resist. We shared his gear although I had three batteries in the car, two not used and antennas, squid pole and transceivers: all my gear from Port Gawler Conservation Park. I arrived at Mount Lofty at about 1900 hours local and Paul already had an impressive list of contacts in his log. He invited my to activate Mt Lofty, which is also in Cleland Conservation Park. I got to work and the following contacts were made on 7090 beginning at 08:52: VK3AMB, Bernard; VK5CZ, Ian; VK2JI, Ed; VK3YE/ pedestrian mobile, Peter; VK3OHM, Mark; VK3XL, Mike; VK2YK, Adam; VK3MRG/p, Marshall in his back yard; VK3FBCK, QRP, Nick; VK3ARR, Andrew; VK5MBD, Bill; VK3MRG, Marshall, QRO and VK2IWO, Romesh.  Later in the evening on the 7.130 net, I had contacts with VK5MJ, Mal; VK2HAA, Dennis; VK7DON, Don; VK4TH, Andy; ZL2ASH, Brian and VK7ROY, Roy. I did try to call FO5JV, William at Tahiti, but conditions had changed. Paul had a successful contact with William earlier in the evening: it was a highlight of a great evening. I enjoyed my 19 contacts and wish to thank all who gave me a call. I have now completed three SOTA activations.

Here is a link to Paul’s splendid video of the activation: