VKFF Hunter Award 125 CW unique parks, 28th May 2023

I was delighted to gain this award for 125 unique parks using different frequency bands but just relying on telegraphy, that is, sending and receiving in morse code or CW, in radio language. WWFF Logsearch credits the award to VK5BJE, my primary call, but nearly all the contacts were made using VK5PF, my secondary call. One hundred and twenty five contacts represents about ten per cent of my WWFF activity, presently standing at about 1109 contacts. Thanks to all of the activators and for the morse code enthusiasts.

VKFF Hunter Award, 1075, 18th May 2023

I enjoyed getting this award as well as the 1050 award. I want to thank Gerard, VK2IO/P for his recent activations in VK3 as well as VK2 – by chasing Gerard using SSB and CW I was able to push my hunter total in the right direction. Thanks also to the other activators from all mainland call areas, (including VK7) especially Jeff, VK8DNT.

Mount George Conservation Park, VKFF-0784, 14th May 2023

The weekend beginning 13th May produced some really splendid Autumn days in Adelaide. I decided on Sunday that I would return to Mount George Conservation Park and try to complete my activation with 44 contacts thus qualifying the park for WWFF.

I had a most enjoyable activation with some action on 20 metres although no DX. I would need to stay on later in the afternoon to work Europeans and maybe US stations. My time endurance is limited by a medical condition! I am not growling, but just have to work within my limitations.

The weather has now changed back to cold and wet late Autumn and activation days will become less frequent.

I have reproduced my log below (Fast Log Entry) and appreciate all of the calls, including two park to park contacts with VK3YE/P and VK3PF/P. I appreciate the contacts from all who chased me and those who worked me on two bands, and especially VK5PAS and VK5MAZ who contacted me while mobile, from a mill at Strathalbyn and from their home as well as on 40m and 20m.

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The park adjoins the South Eastern Freeway and every time I visit the vehicle noise from the freeway is almost overwhelming. It is loud! But it soon disappears and fades into the background. No, this is not some new doppler-like effect! I am sure it is a result of my intense concentration on matters radio. I will return to the park as I want to activate the Mount Lofty parks near my home with cw mode contacts. I need the discipline of leaving the microphone at home!