Mount George Conservation Park, VKFF-0784, 14th May 2023

The weekend beginning 13th May produced some really splendid Autumn days in Adelaide. I decided on Sunday that I would return to Mount George Conservation Park and try to complete my activation with 44 contacts thus qualifying the park for WWFF.

I had a most enjoyable activation with some action on 20 metres although no DX. I would need to stay on later in the afternoon to work Europeans and maybe US stations. My time endurance is limited by a medical condition! I am not growling, but just have to work within my limitations.

The weather has now changed back to cold and wet late Autumn and activation days will become less frequent.

I have reproduced my log below (Fast Log Entry) and appreciate all of the calls, including two park to park contacts with VK3YE/P and VK3PF/P. I appreciate the contacts from all who chased me and those who worked me on two bands, and especially VK5PAS and VK5MAZ who contacted me while mobile, from a mill at Strathalbyn and from their home as well as on 40m and 20m.

Click on log to expand

The park adjoins the South Eastern Freeway and every time I visit the vehicle noise from the freeway is almost overwhelming. It is loud! But it soon disappears and fades into the background. No, this is not some new doppler-like effect! I am sure it is a result of my intense concentration on matters radio. I will return to the park as I want to activate the Mount Lofty parks near my home with cw mode contacts. I need the discipline of leaving the microphone at home!

2 thoughts on “Mount George Conservation Park, VKFF-0784, 14th May 2023

  1. Hi Paul, I had a good time and appreciate the special effort you and Marija made to drive up my contacts. What I found fascinating was the short skip on 20m locally.

    I am also sorry to hear about your bug. I attended the AREG meeting by zoom last night and heard a presentation by VK5GR on RTTY. It was very good. I look forward to hearing your VK5TIL story on another occasion. Get well soon

    73 John D, VK5BJE/VK5PF

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