Mount Brown Conservation Park, 15th June 2015

Mount Brown Conservation Park is a park which qualifies for the South Australian National and Conservation Park Award. I have previously visited this Park. Here is a link to that activation:

On this occasion Paul chose a different and more open location than the one I used previously. There was even a shelter available but it was not required.

Mount Brown Conservation Park. JCD photo

Mount Brown Conservation Park. JCD photo

The afternoon activation was very successful. Here is my log:

10.130, beginning at 04:35, VK5TW, Trevor; VK2IO, Gerard; VK5KGP, Graham; VK3CAT, Tony; VK5ZK, Garry; VK5KLV, Les; VK4FE, Fred; VK5ZAR, Arno; 10.120, VK5AW, Adrian from Renmark; AK4AHL, Ron; VK5FD, Allan; VK5WG, Nev; 14:310, I5FLN, Luciano; VK2NP, Cliff;  IK4DDI, Steven; VK5GJ, Greg; KJ6OA, Dave from San Diego; WB4JSB, James from Georgia; I8OCA, Tommy; S58AL, Albert from Slovenia; IZ7MFY, Mike; DL5XU, Matt and S52KM, Hinko, making 23 contacts in all.