Warby-Ovens National Park, 15th December 2015

Warby-Ovens National Park, VKFF-0742, was a short detour on our way from Wangaratta (where we stayed on Monday evening, 14th December) to Gundagai.  The weather was great, warm, with a hot day in store and I thought time for a quick activation from Ryans Lookout (where I had previously activated the Park on a trip to Sydney). Here is a link to that activation:


The Park was very dry, but Ryans Lookout is only a short distance into the Park and is accessed from a sealed road. I set up my station, FT897 running ten watts, linked dipole supported by a squid pole attached to a Park bench. Battery power came from my 33 amp hour ‘thumper’. This battery is good when I need slightly higher power and I do have solar panels I can put out when required to keep it charging while it is in use.

This picture shows my set up for this activation including the 33 amp hour 'thumper'/

This picture shows my set up for this activation including the 33 amp hour ‘thumper’.

I was on the air at 23:04 and called CQ on 7.110.

23:04 VK4LS s57 r44, Rob

It was quiet on 40 metres and after looking around the band and calling CQ a few times I decided to migrate to 20 metres. I spent about 25 minutes on 20m calling CQ and looking around the band. I had no contacts.

I then went back to 40m.

7.110 23:31 VK2IO/P s55 r44

23:33 VK5PAS s58 r57. I was glad to get Paul in the log. Jenny sent him a SMS and he kindly gave me a call before heading off to work.

23:42 VK5WG s59 r55, Nev

23:48 VK5FANA s53 r53

23:52 VK5HS, s57 r55, Ivan at Renmark

23:54 VK2PKT, s57 r55, Keith at Parkes

Well seven contacts was all I could manage. I guess many amateurs were at work, preparing for Christmas or not near their radios. Nevertheless , I appreciate those who gave me call. We packed up and began our drive to Gundagai.

A  slight pause for a photo

A slight pause for a photo




Warby-Ovens National Park, 30th December 2013

Warby Ranges Ryans Lookout JCD picture

Warby Ranges Ryans Lookout JCD picture

After travelling from Wangaratta to Beechworth I then checked the map and travelled about 14 kilometres out to the Warby-Ovens National Park. The location I chose was Ryan’s Lookout. I was on the air on 40 metres at 0601 and my first contact was with VK3SOG, Fred; then followed VK5EE/p QRP, Tom in Calectasia Conservation Park, in the South East of South Australia not far from Mount Gambier. As the band was very busy with established nets and lots of SOTA and Park activities by QRP portable stations it was not possible to find a clear frequency. So I became a portable chaser and used that wonderful facility available to us as amateurs: frequency agility! With five changes of frequency between 7080 and 7110 I had the following contacts: VK3MRG/p, QRP, Marshall on VK3 VE 007; VK5PAS, Paul; VK5GRW/p, Greg at Mount Buller (not in the Park sadly); VK5FMID, Brian; VK3AMB, Bernard; VK5FTRL, Tom; and those peripatetic folk, VK3YSP and VK3FOWL, Joe and Julie at Gunbower National Park; VK3HRA, Allen on VK3 VE  007; VK5TKK, Tim at Mount Gambier; VK3ANL, Nick and finally, VK3HCF, Col at Penola Conservation Park. Thanks to all those amateurs who gave me a call today, especially those 15 who helped make my visit to Warby-Ovens National Park so enjoyable.