My equipment

In recent times I have renewed my interest in portable operation specifically using QRP radios. My equipment is an FT817 and a Ten-Tec Argonaut VI. My antenna is a home made linked dipole for 20 and 40 metres together with a light weight SOTA linked dipole from England.

Well you might ask, what’s the difference between an FT817 and a Ten-Tec Argonaut VI as far as portable QRP operation is concerned? The major differences between the two transceivers are as follows: the receiver in the Argonaut is better and less prone to suffer from strong signals near by (5 KHz or less)  and second, the Argonaut has a splendid variable width SSB filter, which is really effective. There are many other differences, but the ones that count are the Argonaut has a speech processor, the current drain is less for receive, the display is larger and visible in bright light (using the default colour of blue) and the DSP is excellent. However, it is a little larger than the FT817 and, while it is rugged, it is not as suitable as the Yaesu as a back pack radio. I have fitted the 2.4 KHz SSB filter to my FT817 and it does improve receiver performance. I like both radios and will admit my comments are entirely subjective!

See also entries for Ten Tec Argonaut Model v1 (539) and Yaesu FT817D. Also see my archives for August 2013 for advice on constructing a two-band linked dipole.

Here is a link to my review of the Heil-Sound Pro Elite Head Set dated the 7th June 2016.


2 thoughts on “My equipment

  1. John, great to talk with you today on 14.200. You had a great signal here in Chatswood north of sydney – about 53 but well over the noise so perfectly readable on my balcony dipole.

    Hope you had a great day in the Douglas Apsley national park there.


  2. Thanks Peter, I am on my way home, Not only did I enjoy Douglas Apsley NP, but we had a great holiday, I had lots of contacts and they were all good! And it is really enjoyable being able to add amateur radio to other holiday activities. You comment is also much appreciated.

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