Freycinet National Park, 21st February 2014, VKFF – 188

I visited the Freycinet National Park this morning and set up just inside the Park boundary. We have previously visited this old and iconic Park in the 1970’s and decided we would avoid the crowds and we found a 4 x 4 track and made our way up that for about 300 metres. Despite working pretty hard and changing bands I could only manage seven contacts. However, I was able to snare two SOTA contacts which will take my score to over 500 (small beer you might say).

I will say more about the Park later but at 21:59 I managed  to contact VK2FGTW, Greg, who was activating VK2 HU 093; then VK3MRG, Marshall; VK1RX/P1, Al, SOTA summit VK1 AC 031; VK5PAS, Paul, on 14.140 and then back to 40m: VK5LY/P2, Larry activating a Park in NSW (VKFF 069); VK5PAS, Paul a second time; VK5HCF, Col and finally VK3YSP, Joe making seven contacts.  It was all good fun and great to re-visit this Park.