Murray Valley National Park, VKFF-1178, 4th January 2017

We drove from Narrandera to Moama on the 4th January, not a long drive and with plenty of time to activate the Murray Valley National Park in NSW just out of Moama. This was a new park for me.



The Murray Valley National Park is opposite the Barmah National Park in Victoria. The two parks, on either side of the Murray River, create a magnificent wet land and both parks appear to be popular. There were campers in the NSW park and we had time to look at a few areas but in the end decided to return to the spot pictured above in the two photos. There is plenty of parking and for most of our time there we had the place to ourselves. Jenny took the path to the bird watching area and I set up my station to the right of the sign above.

I checked 7.144 at 05:35 and was answered by Trevor, VK5TW. I was encouraged and signals were pretty good for the activation. Then followed:

05:38 VK3PF

05:41 VK2IO


06:46 VK1MA

05:48 VK4RF/VK4HA

05:49 VK2QR

05:52 VK5FANA

05:51 VK2SWL

05:53 VK5PAS

05:56 VK7FAMP

05:58 VK1DI

06:01 VK5PAS

06:04 VK5KLV

06:05 VK5YX

06:10 VK5KDK

06:13 VK3UH

06:14 VK2GKA/M


06:21 VK2HOT

06:23 VK4HNS

06:26 VK5FMLO

06:27 VK2UH

06:28 VK5FMLO

06:29 VK3SQ

06:31 VK3ARH

06:32 VK7LTD

06:34 VK3TKK

06:37 VK4FFAB

06:39 VK1MTF

06:44 VK5KC

06:45 VK7JON

06:48 ZL4KD


06:59 VK5PAS

07:08 VK1HW

7.115 ssb

07:27 VK5FMAZ

07:31 VK5FMWW

07:32 VK5FVSV

3.610 ssb

07:59 VK2YK

08:04 VK3PF/VK3KAI

08:07 VK1MA/VK8GA/1

08:23 VK1DI

08:73 VK5TW

08:23 VK3ANL

08:23 VK3OHM

08:28 VK5FANA

08:28 VK3ZBX

08:29 VK3SQ

08:32 VK2FENG

08:35 VK3ZPF

08:34 VK3NL

08:38 VK2IG

Thank you to the hunters and I now have sufficient qsos to qualify the park.