Terrick Terrick National Park, VKFF-630, 19th April 2015

The Park

I have been to this Park before on a more appropriate day as far as the weather was concerned. Here is the link to that activation https://vk5bje.com/2013/12/22/terrick-terrick-national-park-victoria-22nd-december-2013/


On Sunday morning we left Echuca for Terrick Terrick National Park, VKFF-630, about three-quarters of an hour’s drive. We have been to Terrick Terrick National Park before and I secured 12 contacts. My aim was to complete the activation by gaining a further 32 contacts to make the 44 required for the WWFF award. It was cold. The air-stream moving over South East Australia has given us our first taste of winter. While the sun was shining the wind chill was quite severe. I was able to gain 48 contacts using both 40 and 20 metres. The action began at 00:27 with a contact with VK5PAS/P5, Paul at Maize Island Conservation Park, VKFF-827. Signals were 5 and 9 both ways. The band appeared to be in great shape. I worked VKs1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. My last contact was with VK7DR, Rob, at 02:22. Rob is located in Oldina, a small town south of Wynyard on the North West coast of Tasmania. My station was a FT897 set for 10 watts, a 40/20 metre linked dipole and a 8.400 amp hour LiFePO4 battery.

Here are my contacts in order beginning at 00:27

VK5PAS/P5, Paul, Maize Island Conservation Park, VKFF-630

VK5FANA, Adrian

VK3PF, Peter

VK5ZAR, Arno

VK5FMID, Brian

VK3TKK/M, Peter

VK3OF, Rex

VK5EE, Tom

VK1MA, Matt

VK3DAC, Fred

VK3VZX, Dale

VK5TN, Robin

VK5ZGY, Greg


VK3VTH/M, Tony

VK5AV, Tim



VK3AV, Bernard

VK5WG, Nev

VK5TRN, Tony


VK3KAI, Peter

VK3KAB, Kevin

VK3BBB, Brian

VK3KKP/P3 Tony

VK3XL, Mike

VK3UP, Terry

VK2HFS, Frank

VK3YDN, John


VK5CZ/P3 Ian, Mt Remarkable National Park, VKFF- & SOTA VK5/NE- 055

VK3CAT/P3, Tony, Mt Macedon, VK3/VC-007

14.305, VK2FX, Kees

7.100, VK3VCE, Dave

VK7NWT, Scotty

VK5MJ, Mal

VK5NQP, David


7.150, VK7DR. Rob, Oldina South of Wynyard on the North West Coast of Tasmania

Thank you to all of you who helped me get 40 contacts, which with 12 from an earlier activation, more than allows me to qualify the Park.

Terrick Terrick National Park, Victoria, 22nd December 2013, VKFF – 630

Terrick Terrick National Park entrance

Terrick Terrick National Park entrance

After enjoying a number of contacts with activators in Terrick Terrick National Park over the past year or so, today it was my turn to become an activator. I drove into the day visitor area at the base of Mount Terrick Terrick, about one and a half kilometres into the Park from the Southern access point. It is a beautiful spot in a most interesting park. Terrick Terrick National Park was created by gazettal in 1998. Its first ten years was as a State Park. I am assuming that this means it had a lesser status then. This is the first National Park in Australia’s Riverina bioregion according to the Parks Victoria brochure. What is immediately obvious to visitors is the White Cypress Pine Forest.

White Cyprus Pines from the operating position

White Cyprus Pines from the operating position

It was a warm day with high humidity and not unpleasant. Every now and then during my activation there was a light sprinkling of rain, but not enough to be a nuisance. I set up my station on a Park picnic table and had the whole place to myself.

My first contact was with VK2TWR/p and QRP, Rod, on Mount Townsend, VK2/SM 002. Both our signals were 5 and 7 at 0330 UTC. I was delighted to have such an enjoyable contact and earn a few more points as a chaser. Then followed VK3SE, Steve; VK5PAS, Paul who kindly alerted all and sundry, thanks Paul; VK5FMID, Brian; VK5KC, David; VK5EE, Tom; VK3XPT/p and QRP, Perrin, near but not in the Wilson’s Promontory National Park. Watch out for Perrin over the next few days as he will be in the Park and activating two summits. I enjoyed quite a chat with Perrin before more contacts: VK5LY, Larry; VK5WG, Nev; VK3JP, Ron; VK5FMID, Brian again and finally VK3FAVE, Andrew from Nyah West, making 12 contacts for the day.

I have now activated four Victorian National Parks and am aiming for ten!

VK5BJE near canoe tree Terrick Terrick National Park

VK5BJE near canoe tree Terrick Terrick National Park

This tree has an identical scar on the opposite side from me indicating that it was perceived as valuable by the earlier inhabitants of this land and, perhaps, that such trees were not overly common in the area.