Australia Day, January 26th, 2014, Belair National Park, VKFF – 022

I decided I would join the activators today and identify as AX5BJE. This is the first time I have used the AX prefix. I chose Belair National Park, near Adelaide. This was my first activation of this park for this year. I first activated Belair NP on 1 August 2013: a winter activation (see earlier blog entry for more details of the park). On that occasion I had five contacts: but I did activate The Knoll CP later in the day where I had seven contacts.

I began the day early and was at the park at 08:05 local time, just five minutes after the gate was opened. I drove into the Park rather than walk as previously was the case. I travelled around to Long Gully where I found a small picnic area with no reservation sign in place. It became mine and a park table was used to support the squid pole. I have a GPS reading of the coordinates: S35 01 082 and E 138 39 242. My first contact, on the 40 m band was with Tom, VK5FTRG, at Millicent, 5 and 9 both ways. I thought that was a good omen!

I had contacts with VK7KO, Gerry at Devonport; VK5TD, John; VK5EE, Tom; VK5TD, John again; VK5FMID, Brian; VK5LY, Larry; VK5HCF, Col, QRP; VK3ZPF, Peter; VK3FQSO, Amanda, from Wedderburn; AX5PAS, Paul; AX5AV, Tim; VK3ZDY/m2; VK5WG, Nev; AX5ZAR, Arno, QRP at a holiday house, Yorketown, on Yorke Peninsular; VK5NX, John, conducting the WIA broadcast; AX5ZBD, Greg; VK5QI, Mark; VK3RV, Peter, QRP; AX5HS/m Ivan; VK5MJ, Mal; VK2FGJW/p1, Greg on SOTA summit, Mount Ginini, VK1 AC 008; VK2IY, Angus ; AX3SSB, Ash  from Horsham AX3BQ/p3; Andrew on SOTA summit, Mount Arapilies, VK3 VW 022; and finally, VK2PCW/p, Michael.

I then moved to 20 metres as promised. I was hoping to get a contact or two for those chasing the VK5 Parks, especially from VK6. I had a listen around the band: there were few workable signals. So I had a very enjoyable contact with VK6QL, Patricia, on 14.142. I last worked Pat from the Little Desert National Park in Victoria on the 8th September 2013.

I thank all of those operators who gave me a call: 27 contacts and none missed! A great Australia Day!