Mount Remarkable National Park 3rd October 2013, VKFF – 360

Mount Remarkable National Park is rugged, hilly and a magnificent place. This time we approached the Park from Wilmington, that is, from the East and drove the sealed road to the Alligator Gorge car park. We have also camped at Mambray Creek where the camp ground is very popular. Mambray Creek is approached from the West and is a short drive from Highway One.

Allligator Gorge

I was starting to think that the trip during the last two days was all in vain, because of poor propagation, and this was reinforced again this afternoon. I managed to send a text to VK5PAS, Paul, advising him I was on 7.100. I heard him : 5 and 0. Obviously Paul could not hear me.  May be starting to activate the park at 06:37 was a bit late! VK2ARK, Tom at Kandos could not hear me and nor could VK1CJ. There was no propagation to Adelaide. I could barely hear VK5BW, Barry in the noise – static crashes!

My day was made when I caught up with VK3AXH, Ian, in Ballarat, with whom I have had many weak signal contacts on 144.1 + from home. Ian was 5 and 9++ and I received a 5 and 5/6. Not a satisfactory outcome from Mount Remarkable National Park, but Ian was left in no doubt about how pleased I was with the contact.

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