Mount Remarkable National Park, VKFF-360, 12 & 22 June 2015

I have activated this park in the past. I managed just one contact. Please read the record of my earlier visit to understand why I only achieved one contact.

On both the 12th and 22nd of June 2015 I visited the Park again. My 2013 activation was at Alligator Gorge. This time I chose as my first site, Mambray Creek, as we were travelling from Port Pirie to Port Augusta. And my last activation was from Willowie Forest on the Eastern side of the park just off the highway about six kilometres before Melrose driving south.

Mambray Creek 12th June 2015

Mount Remarkable National Park - Mambray Creek JCD photo

Mount Remarkable National Park – Mambray Creek JCD photo

Emu Mambray Creek JCD photo

Emu Mambray Creek JCD photo

Contacts on 40 metres, 7.095, were had with, VK5KLV, Les; VK5IS, Ian; VK5PAS; VK2JDL/P2, Phil on SOTA summit, VK2/HU-024; Rob, VK4AAC/P5, Kangaroo Island; David, VK5NQP; Mike, VK6MB/P in VKFF-411, Peak Charles National Park; John, VK5FMJC; Tony, VK5FTVR; Nev, VK5WG; Roy, VK5NRG and Bill, VK5MBD. All my received reports were Q5 except from VK2JDL/P and VK6MB who both gave me Q4. Twelve contacts was a little disappointing but I was too far into Mambray Creek to access the phone network to post my intentions.

Willowie Forest, 22nd June 2015

Mount Remarkable National Park: Winowie Forest

Mount Remarkable National Park: Willowie Forest JCD photo

Contacts on 7.090 were had with Gerard, VK2IO/P2 on SOTA summit VK2/CT-007; 7.110, Rex, VK3OF; Ron, VK5VH; Eugene, VK2ZA/M; Geoff, VK5HEL; Greg, VK5GJ/QRP; Chris from Cygnet, VK7JU; Adrian, VK5FANA; Rob, VK4AAC/P5, Kangaroo Island; Greg of Ulladulla, VK2GJC; Les, VK5KLV; Peter, VK3PF; Peter, VK3TKK; Phil, VK5RM; Paul, VK5DBP; Roy, VK5NRG; Bill, VK5MBD; Paul, VK5PAS/M; Barry, VK3FBKS; Matt, VK3FORD another chaser from Swan Hill and finally, VK3ZD, Charlie of South Oakleigh. It was beginning to get dark and we had to arrange accommodation. I thought I would return in the morning, but it was not to be as it was raining. Thanks to the 21 operators who successfully gave me a call.

3 thoughts on “Mount Remarkable National Park, VKFF-360, 12 & 22 June 2015

  1. Hi John,

    Pleased to see you got a bagful of contacts from your activation. Marija and I pulled over to work you as you were a little too close for a really strong signal and it was a bit noisy in the car.

    Best 73 & ’44’,


  2. HI Paul
    I used my SOTA beams 40/20 antenna from the Willowie Forest (MRNP) activation and wound it up in figure 8 format. It is only the second time I have used it. It is certainly lighter than my home brew antenna, but is it any better?
    I will leave that question open!

    John D

    • Howdy John,

      I find rolling up the wire in the figure 8, helps the next time you unwind the antenna. It rolls off the wire winders easier.

      I’ve now got a handful of the antenna centre pieces from Mark in WA, so I’m going to knock together some home brew linked dipoles. It would be nice to say your antenna was home brew, rather than commercially made.



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