Cox Scrub Conservation Park 11th October 2013

Cox Scrub Conservation Park

Cox Scrub Conservation Park

Cox Scrub CP showing burn off

Cox Scrub CP showing burn off

Cox Scrub CP 'green' shoots appearing

Cox Scrub CP ‘green’ shoots appearing

On Friday morning while driving to Middleton I decided I would activate Cox Scrub Conservation Park which I drive past on my journey. Last time I came back from the south coast, about three months ago after lunching with South coast amateurs, and with VK5KC, David and VKATW, Trevor on board, and on passing the park I was disappointed to see how badly burnt it was as a result of a ‘controlled’ burn that quickly got out of control! The Friends of Cox Scrub Conservation Park web page indicates that the park is 544 hectares in area and all but five hectares in the South Western corner were burnt out. The park protects the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. I thought while the park was on my to do list I would not be in a hurry to visit. Any way Friday, a warm and sunny day, was the day I chose! I pulled into a parking bay within the park and set up my gear. Before UTC roll over I checked 7.100, found it was clear,  and called CQ. At 2310 in answer to my CQ call, VK5LY, Larry replied. He said my signal was 5 and 9 in Renmark and so was his at my end. I had contacts with VK5MBD, Bill; VK5HS, Ivan and VK5LI/m, Craig. All received signals were 5, 9 and my worst report was 5 and 5 from Craig. Then the band went quiet. I called CQ a few more times and checked up and down the band: nothing heard. I took three photos and packed up my gear and continued to Middleton. My photos do not adequately show the destruction.

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