VKFF-Hunter Award 475 different VKFF areas, 26th May 2018

VK5BJE VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 475

Thanks to all of the activators who have helped to make chasing such fun and challenging as well, especially with the poor propagation conditions we have been experiencing of late. I would like to pay a special thanks to the CW operators (morse code) whose activities add to the richness of my experience: VK2IO/P, Gerard; VK3BYD/P, Warren and VK3AFW/9, Ron at Norfolk Island during the WIA Annual General Meeting in 2016. Gerard and Warren show up quite a few times in my log.

6 thoughts on “VKFF-Hunter Award 475 different VKFF areas, 26th May 2018

    • Hi Andrew
      Thanks. I have enjoyed the chasing. I would like to see a few more slow morse operators in the field. A few of the SOTA guys are morse enthusiasts as well and I have had a few contacts with them.
      John D

  1. Hi Chris
    You must be up North? Thanks for the congratulations. I am enjoying myself and the weekends have been great – but I can’t always be available unfortunately. Some rare ones have slipped past. I remember working you at Lake Eyre: well it was activated again this week by a VK1 which was good to see.
    John D

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