eAustralia award: 8 call areas, 20th March 2018


This award came last night. It is one level below the highest grade, which is for nine call areas, that is VK0 as well. While I have worked Australian Antarctic Territories many times and have confirmations by traditional QSL cards I am still to gain a confirmation by eqsl. So this award captures all mainland, including Tasmania (VK7), call areas (VKs 1 to 8) and VK9. It was a contact with the dxpedition to Ashmore Reef that tipped the scales for me. Here is that eqsl card. I applied for the eAustralia award for seven (7 call areas) back in April 2016, making the level two award nearly two years later.


4 thoughts on “eAustralia award: 8 call areas, 20th March 2018

  1. Excellent work again John. I’m enjoying the quick turnaround of eQSL and I’m saving them off to a digital photo frame. That said, I still enjoy getting a paper QSL from the mailbox!


  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the comment. I enjoy being part of eqsl as well as Log Book of the World. I like your idea of saving them for display on a digital photo frame – but I have over a 1000 eqsl confirmations. It would take a long time to display but next time catch up I might seek some more information on that approach. I also like paper cards, especially from dxpeditions.
    John D

  3. Hi Paul
    Thanks for the congratulations. I could probably add a card to the total for the VK0 contacts and apply for the WIA award: worked all Australian Call areas.
    All good fun. I was pleased to have a contact with Craig.
    John D

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