WWFF Hunter Certificate, 352 references, 6th September 2017


352 wwff

I have been very quiet during the months of July and August (in hospital for most of August). I have been unwell and have had surgery. What have I missed the most? Getting out into Parks and operating portable. I have even been unable to chase portable operators but was pleased to gain the certificate for 352 references worked. I am hoping to go portable late September early October. I will say more about this on other forums.

5 thoughts on “WWFF Hunter Certificate, 352 references, 6th September 2017

  1. Hi John, hopefully you are on the improve, and great you’re looking forward to getting out portable soon, hope to work you when you get out there.
    Well done with the certificate too.
    Mick vk3ggg.

  2. Hello Mick, Thanks for offering a comment. I have been very quiet and thought I should offer at least a brief comment on my absence from the Bands, particularly not being around to help the activators. However, I am getting better, albeit slowly and, as you could imagine, my fitness has really almost disappeared. Mount Zero is out of bounds! We are aiming for the Flinders Ranges in October and I hope to get on the air and give the park to a few more chasers.
    John D, VK5BJE/VK5PF

  3. Great work John!
    Hope you are on the mend. I haven’t done much either, but from far less important reasons.
    Hoping to be back in Adelaide early October and I will intend to cycle the Mawson Trail activating the parks as I go for two weeks.
    As you say ‘more about this on other forums’!
    Get well Mate.


  4. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the comment. We are hoping to be in the Flinders Ranges National Park the first week of October (depending on me). May be a few Park to Park contacts might eventuate? It is quite a challenge getting back to the level of fitness I had before all of this ‘blew-up’! Anyway we should have a pretty good time. May be some slow CW as well?
    Thanks for the comment.
    John D

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