WIA AGM Awards 2017

As indicated in my previous post relating to VK5WOW and VI5WOW I applied for the General and Gold Awards. Three contacts were obtained while operating from Victorian National Parks and the remainder were from my home station and while at Hahndorf. Here are the certificates:


GOLD award

Unfortunately I could not indicate my preferred name, which is John. Nevertheless I am pleased to add these to my collection of virtual wall-paper!

4 thoughts on “WIA AGM Awards 2017

  1. Hi Andrew,
    It was all good fun and at least I now know how to navigate my way through the WIA awards program! I will have to see what I have in the kitty towards the DXCC. I have a collection of paper cards and about 70 entities confirmed on each of LOTW and Eqsl. The AGM and associated activities were all good and something to remember here in VK5 and I hope elsewhere as well. Thanks for the comment.
    John D

  2. Hi Paul
    I was pretty ‘chuffed’ to get the award and I was pleased to have one digital contact with Grant (VK5GR) on 20m. However, contacts with the two special stations operating from Parks really made it a good experience.
    John D

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