Mount Ainslie, SOTA, VK1/AC-040, VKFF-0850, 24th December 2015

After discussions with Andrew, VK1AD, I decided to activate Mount Ainslie, VK1/AC-040 (also VKFF-0850), on the 24th December 2015. I had previously activated this summit courtesy of Andrew, then VK1NAM, in May 2015. Here is a link to that activation:

Andrew planned to visit Mount Stromlo, VK1/AC-043, hoping to work six and ten metre contacts via sporadic E propagation. Six metre contacts to VK5 have been achieved and early morning 10m contacts into the USA also have also been fairly regular occurrences. I was keeping my fingers crossed in relation to six metres. After my experiences of six metres in Canberra in May 2015 during the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Annual General Meeting, I decided to make a six metre dipole. It was that antenna I planned to use from Mount Ainslie on this occasion. However, I began my activation on 40 metres and my log is reproduced below. I had an hour and a quarter playing on 40 metres before the six and ten metre activity began. I had a great time.

Mount Ainslie 23122015

Mount Ainslie Log 23/12/2015

Mount Ainslie Log 24/12/2015

Mount Ainslie Log 24/12/2015

As can be seen from the log I had a number of contacts on 6 metres: all were with Canberra stations except one, VK2UH, Andrew at Yass. My radio was set for ten watts and I was using a half wave dipole. I was delighted with all of the six metre contacts, but especially the contacts with VK2UH. I also had a contact with Andrew, VK1AD, on two metres FM on 146.500. This was a first for me in the SOTA program. I used an ICOM 80AD set for 500 milliwatts. Signals were 5 and 9 both ways both before and after UTC roll-over. All contacts with VK1AD were, of course, summit to summit (s2s). I have resolved when I return home to add ten metres to my six metre dipole by turning it into a two band linked dipole. While there was no sporadic E on this occasion I had a great time and wish to thank Andrew, VK1AD, for being on Mount Stromlo and making the VHF s2s contacts possible. I also wish to acknowledge VK2HRX/P, Compton, who called me on 7.090 Mhz from VK2/MN-132 also a s2s contact.

The Park

Mount Ainslie rises 843 metres above sea level (or 2,766 feet). It is a hill in the City of Canberra and is visible behind the Australian War Memorial. The views from the top are great. There is a photo in my account of the previous activation in the archives for May 2015. Mount Ainslie is a summit in the Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve which now counts for the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award and has the VKFF-0850 number.


3 thoughts on “Mount Ainslie, SOTA, VK1/AC-040, VKFF-0850, 24th December 2015

  1. Hi Paul, Six metres was a lot of fun. No ‘E’s but I was pleased with the contact with Andrew at Yass (VK2UH). I was surprised at how good the signal was: better than when we worked Ian from the Devil’s Peak! And the local Canberra signals were ‘arm-chair copy’. I am aiming to try and stir up some interest locally: not sure of the best approach at the moment.

    John D

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