Mark Oliphant Conservation Park, VKFF-782, 28th June 2015

On Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and I thought I would begin my VKFF activation of Mark Oliphant Conservation Park. While I have activated this Park twice previously that was for the South Australian National and Conservation Parks Award: SANPCPA. Here is a link to those activations.

The Mark Oliphant Conservation Park is the closest protected area nearest to my home. It is about two kilometres away as the Little Raven flies! I can see the Park from our house. It was named after Sir Mark Oliphant, nuclear physicist and Governor of South Australia.

Mark Oliphant Conservation Park on a Winter's day: from our place

Mark Oliphant Conservation Park on a Winter’s day: from our place

On this occasion I set up off Evans Drive rather than just inside the main entrance. Evans Drive dissects the Park but there was little vehicular traffic and a few people of foot, some of whom showed some interest in what I was doing.

Here is a list of my contacts.

I was on the air at 0411 on 40 metres and worked in order

VK4AAC/P5 Rob at Kelly Hill Conservation Park VKFF-810

VK2GAZ/P2, Garry at Scheyville National Park VKFF-444. I was delighted to get this contact having activated this Park last year. Here is a link to that activation.

See also Garry’s blog at






VK5PL ex VK5NQP Congratulations David on the new call and Advanced Licence

VK2IO/M Gerard





VK1NAM/P1 Andrew at Oakey Hill Nature Reserve VKFF-858



VK100ANZAC Operator Ken at Mt Evelyn


VK5ZRY/P5 Ramsay Conservation Park VKFF-815

VK5AAC/P5 Rob on 14.247  s 53 r 41 a short haul on 20 metres Kelly Hill CP VKFF-810

ZL3JAS  14.200 Jason at Christchurch s 58 r 44

VK4FTWO 7.090 Littabella National Park VKFF-290





and at 05:38


At this stage the sun moved behind the hill, the temperature dropped suddenly and I decided I would pack up and head home. I was happy to gain 27 contacts and I shall return and work a few others to gain the 44 needed for the VKFF program. Thanks to all who gave me a call.

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