Another great qsl card from Doug, VK2FMIA/P2, 20th May 2015

Couradda National Park

Couradda National Park

I had another contact with Doug, VK2FMIA, on the 16th May, from Couradda National Park. Thanks Doug for the splendid card.

4 thoughts on “Another great qsl card from Doug, VK2FMIA/P2, 20th May 2015

    • Hi John,

      Ive done a few, but to be honest I just don’t have the time. With 44 plus contacts in each activation, it can get a bit time consuming. Thats why I say hats off to Doug.

      Previously for the cards and certificates I have made up, I have just used Powerpoint and saved the image as a PDF and/or jpg. Not sure what Doug uses?

      Best wishes,


  1. HI Paul
    I think if I try this I will create generic Parks/ SOTA Peak cards, just one of each for a start. I don’t send cards routinely but always respond. It take a lot of work to keep up to date with eqsl, let alone adding another system into the mix. That is why I like LOTW! But I like Doug’s cards and I would be pretty mean just to send him more than one of my old-fashioned very basic QSL paper cards! My camera is just above entry level and there is no way I could generate a picture of the quality that characterises Doug’s work.

    John D

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