Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042, 10th May 2015

After successfully activating Mount Ainslie, VK1/AC-040, we travelled the short distance to Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042. In 2010, at the 100th Anniversary AGM of the WIA we visited the Telstra Tower for an inspection and dinner later in the restaurant. This time we were looking forward to coffee!

While the sun was still shining the wind was ferocious. Andrew’s squid pole came down at least twice and on one occasion the operator at the other end gave a 5 and 9 report with the squid pole erected and 5 and 2 when collapsed! We were joined by Heath, VK3TWO and his partner, Monique and we persuaded Heath he should join the activation as well.

Despite the weather we successfully activated the Peak and also gain a six metre contact. After contacting VK1DI, Ian on 40 metres, he agreed to migrate to six metres and we all contacted him on 52.200 ssb. The six metre contact was a first for me portable and Paul and I both resolved to make dipoles for this band.

Here is my log.

Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042 log

Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042 log



VK5PAS (log-keeper), VK5BJE (on-air) & VK3TWO (supervisor)

VK5PAS (log-keeper), VK5BJE (on-air) & VK3TWO (supervisor)

At last, coffee in the tower restaurant!

At last, coffee in the tower restaurant!

Here is a link to a video taken by Andrew, VK1NAM/P1 of the activation on Black Mountain.

4 thoughts on “Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042, 10th May 2015

  1. Hi John,

    This was a memorable activation for me because of the 6m contact. Not only was that my first SOTA 6m contact, but it was my first ever contact on that band.

    And yes, it sure was windy.



  2. Hi Paul,
    It was great fun. I have worked quite a bit on 6 metres and have Tonga confirmed as well as New Zealand and all Australian states, but this contact was great. I gave up on 6m DX: a lot of listening and not much action! But I have used the 6 metre AREG repeater a few times and have an old valve transceiver capable of one (1) watt am: but it is too big to take to a Park!
    I think ssb contacts from a Park or Peak in SA might work at certain times. We should give it a go.

    John D

  3. Thanks for a great activation experience Fellas! I just wish that Jet could have taken off instead of sitting on the top of the tower! 🙂 I have more pics if you want them Gents.

  4. Hi Heath
    It was great to meet you and Monique and, on the day, I didn’t realise that Monique has a call. However, I enjoyed her article in AR. I will let Paul (VK5PAS) and Andrew (VK1NAM) know about your kind offer of additional photos.
    John D

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