Coorong National Park, VKFF-115, 8th January 2015

This morning we left Kingston SE to travel home to the Adelaide Hills. The weather was hot, humid and cloudy and we drove through a number of heavy rain showers. As we got to Salt Creek the sun was shining and I decided it was a great opportunity to add to my earlier contacts and try, at least, to get ten contacts and thus qualify the Park for the VKFF award. I parked the 4×4 in a turn-out on the sea-ward side, that is, just in the Park. There is a notice board nearby which provides details of a walk. The walk is called Nukan Kungun Hike. It is 27k long and eventually reaches the sea at the 42 Mile Crossing.

Map of Coorong Walk from 'The Tatler'

Map of Coorong Walk from ‘The Tattler’

There is also a small lagoon popular with the birds and bird-watchers.

Lagoon near Salt Creek JCD photo

Lagoon near Salt Creek
JCD photo

The interlude with the sun was short-lived and after we left it started to rain and did so until we arrived home.

I have previously activated this park. Here is the link to my blog


My first contact was with VK3MCD/P2, Brian on VK2/SW-013 and also Mount Kosciusko National Park. This contact was at 22:30. Then in succession I had contacts with: VK3EK, Robbie, VK5WG, Nev; VK5IS, Ian; VK5JW, John at Cowell; VK3ARR, Andrew; VK3FCLS, Brett; VK5GJ/QRP, Greg running four watts; VK2UH, Andrew and VK3XL/P2, Mike on VK2/SM-081. After UTC rollover I had contacts with VK3FCLS, Brett; VK5GI, Norm and finally, VK5GJ, Greg, totalling 13 contacts. My first activation resulted in seven contacts. I was ambivalent about stopping in the Park. I had not posted an alert. But I am sure glad I stopped at the Park!

VK5BJE at work in the Coorong NP

VK5BJE at work in the Coorong NP