Mount Warrenheip, VK3/VC-019, SOTA, 1st January 2015

Mount Warrenheip, VK3/VC-019

The Trig Point Mt Warrenheip: my operating position.

The Trig Point Mt Warrenheip: my operating position.

Mount Warrenheip is an inactive volcanic cone just on the outskirts on Ballarat. You will see it as you drive the freeway to Melbourne, nine kilometres out of Ballarat. I never took much notice of it when we lived just west of Ballarat for two years in the early 1970s. We used to practice our driving techniques in the Mount Cole Forest Reserve instead. Mount Warrenheip is a bush covered cone, but it has been burnt in recent times and is a bit bare in places. I drove to the summit of Mount Warrenheip and noticed that there are two commercial radio compounds and towers in place. I parked in the shade and walked around the summit past these installations and out and back into the activation zone looking for a spot where I would not be too conspicuous. I need not have been too concerned. There was only one car that visited the summit during my occupation: a car with four young men in and on-board. One was sitting with his legs in the cabin, but his trunk outside on the window ledge hanging onto the roof rails. They were travelling fast and I am glad I didn’t meet them on my ascent! I suspect one or all were still suffering the consequences of too much to drink on New Year’s Eve!

I decided to activate along side of the trig. I used a steel bollard as the support for my squid pole. I had a great time logging 22 stations from VK1, 2, 3 and 7, including 11 s2s contacts.

It was a long day travelling to the Brisbane Ranges National Park in the morning and then returning to Mount Warrenheip later in the day. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, its twin, Mount Buninyong, VK3/VC-018, will need to wait for another day.

My Activator Log

Time Call Band Mode Notes
04:03z VK3BQ/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/SM-065
04:07z VK3BLE 7MHz SSB Col
04:10z VK7FREU/P7 7MHz SSB VK7/SC-004
04:11z VK7TW/P7 7MHz SSB VK7/SC-004
04:12z VK3EK/P3 7MHz SSB VK3/VG-074
04:14z VK1DI/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/SM-033
04:15z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB Peter
04:15z VK2IO/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/HU-093
04:16z VK3PF/P3 7MHz SSB VK3/VE-004
04:18z VK2YW 7MHz SSB John
04:19z VK1MA/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/ST-036
04:21z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB Amanda
04:23z VK3JP 7MHz SSB Ron
04:25z VK3MTB/P3 7MHz SSB VK3/VT-057
04:26z VK3TCX 7MHz SSB Ian
04:27z VK3AV 7MHz SSB Bernard
04:29z VK2LX 7MHz SSB Grant
04:31z VK2COP 7MHz SSB Phil
04:35z VK3UP 7MHz SSB Terry
04:39z VK1DA/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/ST-001
04:41z VK1NAM/P2 7MHz SSB VK2/ST-001
04:41z VK3YAR 7MHz SSB Ray