Greater Bendigo National Park, VKFF-623, 21st December 2014

I first visited the Greater Bendigo National Park, VKFF-623, on 2nd January 2014. On that occasion I visited Shadbolt which is in the North-Westerly corner of the Park. I made 13 contacts. Here is the link to my first activation of this Park.

After promising an activation of this park I decided to visit the One Tree Hill Lookout on Sunday evening 2st December. I enjoyed six great contacts all on 40 metres.

And on Monday morning, before UTC rollover I went back to the park for a third visit, this time taking a track into the Park from the corner of Wards and Wallanjoe Roads. I worked hard for nine contacts! I guess most amateurs are back to work for a few days? I also tried 20 metres un-successfully although I did try to make contact with W1AW/KH6, which was loud. I couldn’t quite make it. I am sure he knew I was there! I now have 28 contacts from this Park, not the 44 I was hoping for more. Oh well! I will come back, I hope!

As usual we had with us our copy of the Parks Victoria Visitor Guide. This is an excellent  four A4 page document with a map on the middle double page. On the front page there is a section entitled Enjoying the Park: this is then followed by five headings (in bold); Picnicking, Camping, Walking, riding and driving, Dog-walking (in One Tree Hill Section of the Park) and Horse Riding (in two designated sections). Other recreational activities are then summarised in the last paragraph: nature study, photography, orienteering and prospecting.

I wonder when we might see amateur radio added to the last section?

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