Dudley Conservation Park, 15th May 2014

Dudley Conservation Park

Dudley Conservation Park

Dudley Conservation Park is on the Dudley Peninsula. The Park was created by notice in 1970 and it conserves the Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee. The Parks brochure indicates that there is a track around the park which can be used by walkers. We took the main East – West Road which passes through the Park and found a track to an old road which makes up part of the walking trail. It was not far off the main road and was a great place to set up.

Sixteen contacts were made from Dudley Conservation Park: at 03:01 VK5ZAR, Arno; VK5GJ, Greg; VK3AMB, Bernard; VK5FPAC, Bob at 03:25 5 and 7 and 3 and 4; and at 03:25 VK5FPAC, Bob with 5 and 7 both ways, a much better result; VK5LG, Greg; VK5GJ, Greg; VK3PF, Peter; VK3BHR, Phil; VK5NFB, Don at Williamstown; VK5HCF, Col; VK5HS, Ivan; VK3LY, Bill; VK5HCF, Col now at the SERG club-rooms with less noise at his end; VK5XGY, Greg and VK5DJ, John.

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