The Lakes National Park, 27th April 2014, VKFF-484

The Lakes National Park

The Lakes National Park

We visited The Lakes National Park today. It was quite a drive from Orbost and I wish to apologise for those who were listening before 12:00 noon local time. However, I was on the air from 02:39 to 03:54 UTC and secured 22 contacts. It is a beautiful park and I appreciated the calls.

I used my ‘new’ FT897D set for ten watts and my home brew linked dipole. We found a great spot at a day visit area and there were no visitors except us. My spot was about 50 metres from the lake-side beach. It was about four kilometres into the Park. This is one area of Victoria where we had not been before. It was an idyllic spot.

At 02:39 my first contact was with VK3FB/P3, Len; VK3BHR, Phil; VK1GG/M, Chris with a strong signal; VK3ZLD, QRP, Louis; VK3PF/P3, Peter at French Island National Park, a new park for me; VK5FCDL, Col;  VK5PAS/M5, Paul; VK3JM, Fred; VK3CBV, Brenton; VK2LAX, Rod; VK3VCE, Dave; VK3UH, Ken; VK2HRX, Compton; VK7FMPR, Mark; VK3TKK, Peter; VK3YSP/P3, Joe an Julie at the antenna proving ground (a small park in Oakleigh); VK3FOWL/P3, Julie; VK3ERW/M, Erwin; VK3MMX, QRP, DarrenVK2JCC/P2, Colin at Sydney Heads, a scenic location but not a Park; VK3ANL/P3, Nick at SOTA summit  VK3 VG 001 and finally, VK1MA/P2, Matt at VK2 ST 005.

A view of the Lake

A view of the Lake


A Kookaburra at work - The Lakes NP JCD photo

A Kookaburra at work – The Lakes NP JCD photo

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