Mitchell River National Park, 27th April 2014, VKFF-321

The Den of Nargun - Mitchell River NP

The Den of Nargun – Mitchell River NP

By the time we arrived at Mitchell River National Park it was getting pretty late in the afternoon. The Picnic area at the beginning of the
Den of Nargun walk was our selected spot within the Park and my wife decided to take the walk to the Den. It is supposed to take 15 minutes down and 20 back, but she raced back in 15 minutes because she thought I would be getting worried about her because it was close to sunset. Unfortunately, she found me completely engrossed in working many qsos!  I enjoyed thirteen contacts from 06:26 to 07:15. My first contact was with VK2TWR, Rod; VK2LAX, Rod; VK3TKK, Peter; VK3MEG, Steve; VK2JDS, Dave; VK5PAS/P5, Paul at Mt Gawler, VK5 SE 013; VK7EPF, Ray at Hobart; VK3GHZ/P3, Rhett at Wilsons Promontory National Park; VK5AV, Tim; VK5FBAA, Rod;  VK3FQSO, Amanda; VK3FMCR, Clive and VK2ZUH, John at 07:15.

The Lakes National Park, 27th April 2014, VKFF-484

The Lakes National Park

The Lakes National Park

We visited The Lakes National Park today. It was quite a drive from Orbost and I wish to apologise for those who were listening before 12:00 noon local time. However, I was on the air from 02:39 to 03:54 UTC and secured 22 contacts. It is a beautiful park and I appreciated the calls.

I used my ‘new’ FT897D set for ten watts and my home brew linked dipole. We found a great spot at a day visit area and there were no visitors except us. My spot was about 50 metres from the lake-side beach. It was about four kilometres into the Park. This is one area of Victoria where we had not been before. It was an idyllic spot.

At 02:39 my first contact was with VK3FB/P3, Len; VK3BHR, Phil; VK1GG/M, Chris with a strong signal; VK3ZLD, QRP, Louis; VK3PF/P3, Peter at French Island National Park, a new park for me; VK5FCDL, Col;  VK5PAS/M5, Paul; VK3JM, Fred; VK3CBV, Brenton; VK2LAX, Rod; VK3VCE, Dave; VK3UH, Ken; VK2HRX, Compton; VK7FMPR, Mark; VK3TKK, Peter; VK3YSP/P3, Joe an Julie at the antenna proving ground (a small park in Oakleigh); VK3FOWL/P3, Julie; VK3ERW/M, Erwin; VK3MMX, QRP, DarrenVK2JCC/P2, Colin at Sydney Heads, a scenic location but not a Park; VK3ANL/P3, Nick at SOTA summit  VK3 VG 001 and finally, VK1MA/P2, Matt at VK2 ST 005.

A view of the Lake

A view of the Lake


A Kookaburra at work - The Lakes NP JCD photo

A Kookaburra at work – The Lakes NP JCD photo