Peebinga Conservation Park, 21st December 2013

After my reasonably successful activation of Karte CP, I moved onto Peebinga Conservation Park. While I thought the band sounded in reasonable shape, there were few signals. Perhaps people were visiting their local shopping centres or engaging in sporting activities or perhaps contemplating Christmas?

Any way after tuning up and down the band and doing a fair bit of listening and then calling CQ on 7.100 I decided, out of desperation, to call into a group on 7055. There was a group at work. I apologised for calling in – but isn’t amateur radio about doing just that? Thanks to VK3OL, Jim at Bendigo, whose 5 and 9 signal was very enticing I gained a successful contact. Jim gave me a 5 and 1. I copied other members of his group, VK3YG, Pete from Lake Glenmaggie, where I have been camping in an earlier life; VK7RP/p2 5 and 7; and VK2ATY, from Albury, 5 and 7.

What is the lesson for the day? Post one’s intentions in advanceĀ  if at all possible.

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