VKFF-Hunter Award 475 different VKFF areas, 26th May 2018

VK5BJE VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 475

Thanks to all of the activators who have helped to make chasing such fun and challenging as well, especially with the poor propagation conditions we have been experiencing of late. I would like to pay a special thanks to the CW operators (morse code) whose activities add to the richness of my experience: VK2IO/P, Gerard; VK3BYD/P, Warren and VK3AFW/9, Ron at Norfolk Island during the WIA Annual General Meeting in 2016. Gerard and Warren show up quite a few times in my log.

eAustralia award: 8 call areas, 20th March 2018


This award came last night. It is one level below the highest grade, which is for nine call areas, that is VK0 as well. While I have worked Australian Antarctic Territories many times and have confirmations by traditional QSL cards I am still to gain a confirmation by eqsl. So this award captures all mainland, including Tasmania (VK7), call areas (VKs 1 to 8) and VK9. It was a contact with the dxpedition to Ashmore Reef that tipped the scales for me. Here is that eqsl card. I applied for the eAustralia award for seven (7 call areas) back in April 2016, making the level two award nearly two years later.


Murray River Parks Award, 23rd January 2018

VK5BJE Murray River Parks Hunter 30 v2

I was pleased to receive this award. The river has been a favourite place for us for 48 years of camping, boating, holidaying and playing radio. I have been conspicuously absent from activating in recent times. My last excursion was with Paul, VK5PAS, in November 2017. I do, however, hope to get back to visiting parks. I had a bit of a set-back in December and am not allowed to drive at present. I will be reviewed again at the end of March 2018. My previous review was this week. There is still a problem with the TCXO! In the meantime I am embarking on an exercise program, under medical supervision, to try and reduce the amount of Atrial Fibrillation. Many people have this condition and are not aware of it. So keep active.