DX Century Club, 8th February 2022

At long last: The Wireless Institute of Australia DX Century Club award for making contacts with amateurs in 100 countries! I have been an amateur since December 1976 but never had the time to become serious about DX. Radio filled the gaps left over after family, work, music and keeping fit took most of my time. Covid 19 has helped a bit by creating time as we have kept ourselves quarantined. I should also acknowledge Paul, VK5PAS, an avid DXer, who has encouraged me to keep going. The highlights include those made in my comments relating to the ARRL award, but as well I should say that chasing the DXpeditions has been fun.

ARRl DX Century Club with my preferred name

This award was obtained relying on Logbook of the World confirmations only.

4 thoughts on “DX Century Club, 8th February 2022

    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for the congratulations. I had 40 errors in my log. Most were Russian: changing European Russia to Asiatic Russia and vice versa. I have been working through those yesterday and today, but it won’t change the score. However, I have lots of qsos confirmed by cards so I might be in touch one day, e.g. I have Nepal confirmed by qsl card.

      My log contained over 9,943 qsos. That figure is just for LOTW! So forty corrections is not too bad. I had a couple of CW contacts as VK5BJE; one was to VK3ARH when he went to Christmas Island and the other was to Ron VK3AFW on Norfolk Island (WIA AGM).

      John D

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for the congratulations. I am pleased to get the award. The process is a bit challenging but I decided to go at it systematically and it worked. The LOTW application to the ARRL was much easier.
      John D
      I should have emailed them about my name. Hi Hi

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