Radio Journalism

The RAOTC Journal for March 23 has two articles by VK5s. The first is How I got to be a Ham by John Drew, VK5DJ, RAOTC member no 951. This is a splendid article and gave me an insight into radio practice and experiences in the 1960s and earlier. John writies about getting on 288 Mhz (one metre band), super regenerative receivers and AM. John has previously been published in that Journal in 2010.

The second article is called Experimenting with 160 metres, by me, John Dawes, RAOTC member no 1764. This is my first time in print with this Journal. Sure I have a conflict of interest, but it gives me a chance to bring to your attention this wonderful Journal.

The Journal is 60 pages and is published each March and September. I commend the RAOTC to you.