Chasing VK5TIL, Troubridge Island Conservation Park, VKFF-1108. 13th February 2023

My interest in chasing VK5TIL was especially a response to the WorldWide Fauna and Flora (WWFF) program. The Park is designated VKFF-1108. Here are two excerpts from Logbook of the World (LOTW) showing my contacts. It wll be fascinated to see how many of these will be confirmed. ‘Busted’ qsos and qsls can be caused by many factors. Poor handwriting is one! Stress on the operator being chased is another!

VK5BJE contacts

VK5PF contacts

Once again I thank the organisers and operators of VK5TIL; VK5PAS Paul, VK5MAZ Marija, VK5LA Andy,, VK5FR Chris, VK5HS Ivan and VK2YK Adam.

I will await and see how many of these contacts will be verified in LOTW.

Photo shows eqsl of my AM contact with VK5TIL. The operator was Paul (VK5PAS) and I had just worked VK5TIL on SSB. Paul suggested the AM qso. It is great to have the AM legacy mode qso in my log.

4 thoughts on “Chasing VK5TIL, Troubridge Island Conservation Park, VKFF-1108. 13th February 2023

  1. Hi John,

    It was our pleasure to get you in the log a number of times on various bands and various modes.

    We made a total of 2,123 QSOs which we were pretty happy about.


    Paul VK5PAS.

  2. Hi Paul
    You an and your team should be proud of your efforts and you generaed plenty of activity on the bands. I have added the eqsl for our AM contact. Great fun.

    73 John D

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience chasing VK5TIL! It’s really great to see how WWFF has encouraged new contacts and activations. I’m sure it will be exciting to see how many of your contacts are confirmed. It’s also great to hear that some of the operators are keeping AM alive – that’s a really important part of our ham radio history.

  4. Hello Joanna
    Thanks for the comments on my activities. Radio remains magic for me despite being everwhere, eg mobile phones. And I love the parks.
    Best wishes
    John D

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