VKFF Hunter 1000 Parks, 4th December 2022

I was delighted to also receive this award for making contacts with radio amateurs in 1000 unique parks.Hunters have had a great time through November and early December because of the increased activity with special park expeditions to Tasmania (VK7) by VK3SRC, VK7XV, VK5PAS and VK5MAZ . These amateurs helped compress the gap between 975 and 1000. Once again thanks to all of the activators and especially the volunteers whom do all of the work behind the scenes to keep the WWFF program going.

4 thoughts on “VKFF Hunter 1000 Parks, 4th December 2022

  1. Hi Paul
    I am pleased to get this far. It has taken me nine years. I remember the pre-WWFF days. Contacts were gained by calling CQ and pre-arranged skeds. Calling was good fun and made more interesting by the occasional DX station. I have operated portable in every state and territory of our country. Thanks for your effort in keeping the program lively.
    John D

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