Kenneth Stirling Conservation Park, VKFF-0971, Sunday 6th November 2022

I last visited this park on 2nd October 2022 as part of my quest to qualify for the first level of the Boomerang Award for activators. However, I should have read the rules more closely: for an activation to count for this award you need ten contacts on the one UTC day. I reached the required number of contacts but they were spread over two UTC days. Here is a link to that activation:

Sunday was a warm early summer day, almost clear sky and no wind and I chose to visit the park in the mid afternoon.

I commenced my activation at 03:59 on 7.155 Mhz on the 40 metre band.

03:59 VK3ZPF, Peter 59 57

04:17 VK2IO/P Gerard, 51 45, Park to park Gerard was at Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve, VKFF-3251

04:07 VK2VH Rob 59 55

04:08 VK4AAC/2

04:08 VK3GJG 59 54

04:17 VK2EXA 59 45

04:19 VK5HAA 59 55


04:23 VK5GA

04:29 VK3VJP 57 57

04:31 VK5YX 59 56

04:37 VK2MET. Alan, 53 52

04:37 VK1AO

04:39 VK5IS 59 59

04:40 VK5BJF

04:43 VK3BWS/P 57 41 Barry Park to park

Band conditions were better than the last few days despite QRN (mainly electrical storms in the north west and north east of the state) and atmospheric frying noise. Fading was slow and deep and I was most aware of this after calling CQ on 7.032. I called a few times and was answered by a station sending too fast for me to decode in my head. And his signal disappeared for seconds in the deep fades. I might have had a chance of a contact if the QSB was not so tough. So VK5PF didn’t get much of a run! Thanks to all who gave me a call.

4 thoughts on “Kenneth Stirling Conservation Park, VKFF-0971, Sunday 6th November 2022

  1. Hi Paul
    I am enjoying your blog of your trips and activations. One of the benefits of a blog is that it is like a memoir and you have left a mighty fine trail. Congratulations to you both!
    And thanks for the comment on my Kenneth Stirling activations.

  2. Earlier this year Shaun and Samantha Standley, my in laws, have taken on the role of operating Wirrealpa Station in the Gammon Ranges.

    Part of this station has tourist accommodation available which Samantha is apart from helping to run 6,000 insane sheep, is making available. 

    This station as you are probably aware is ideally located for operating many of the local parks and peaks, .. bring along a telescope, the sky is absolutely amazing.

    A great location once the current fire season has been lifted.

    $25/car for camping


    the quarters are $35/head,

    Linen is extra a $15/p person.

    Sam Standley

    Wirrealpa Station


    Geoff Osborne VKHEL

    • Hi Geoff,
      thanks for the comment about the Gammons. Over the years we have visited that area mainly for walking and camping, but also with some star-gazing and radio tossed in as well. On the right hand side of the opening page of this blog is an index – you can access the Gammon Ranges from there.
      73 John Dawes, VK5BJE/VK5PF

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