Antarctica Post Script, 18th November 2021

While I obtained reasonably good marks for science at High School I knew I had a problem which would make succeeding in that area very difficult, if not impossible! I found out very early at school that I was colour blind. Resistor colour codes were a hazard but life became easier with a multimeter and later, a spouse, who could double check if I had doubts!

At University I met Ray Proudlock, then VK3YAP. Ray was a science student and we lived in the same residential college at the University of Melbourne. I lost track of Ray after I completed my studies and began in employment (again). I was a mature age student. I did not know then that he had an interest in Antarctica. Imagine my surprise when on the 12th March 1978 I had two contacts with Ray totalling about an hour and a quarter..

Here is my log entry.

Log entry two contacts with VK0RP at Mawson Base Antarctica

These are my notes in my log book. Ray said he tries to get on the air at 0900Z on Wednesdays and Sundays. He is VK3YAP in the current call-book (1978). He is using Collins KWM gear. Mawson station was described as being on a small peninsular of rock. The time was 5.15pm at Mawson and he will be there until February 1979. Expeditioners stay in individual rooms 6 feet 6 inches by 5 feet 6 inches (similar to the larger rooms we had in Queens College). Ray said he had a high level bunk about five feet off the floor with a desk and clothes space. There is a library with 1500 books, records and cassettes. He is part of the 25th expedition to Mawson; the first was in 1954 (my first year at high school). The temperature was 20 degrees in the recreation room. Movies Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Mawson is constructed of individual buildings. The sun shines 24 hours per day in summer. Dogs used solely on sea ice. Plateau – tractors are used. Power generation 165 KVA diesels – two – one operating at any given time. Diesel (fuel) Antarctic version does not freeze at 5 degrees.

My contacts with Ray are not confirmed by qsl cards but I chose to include them in this post because I knew Ray and I took extensive notes. I don’t know why I entered two contacts but I suspect he asked my to get some information for him or make a telephone call. I wanted to add Ray’s name to the expeditioners.

3 thoughts on “Antarctica Post Script, 18th November 2021

  1. Hi Chris
    I have all my log books since 1976 but I don’t bother logging UHF and VHF digital voice contacts now. I am only using flea-power with hot spots. But everything else I log either in a paper log or on Ham Radio Deluxe. At the time of all of these contacts with the Antarctic stations (except Paul, VK0PD) I was a new amateur and was amazed at what I could do with a fairly modest station. The propagation was building towards the peak of the cycle as well. Radio then was truly magic as it remains for me. Thanks for reading my posts.

    John D

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