VK3BH, 18th July 2020

Bert Hansen, then VK3BH, taught me morse code in 1974 at the WIA radio theory course which I refer to in my About page. He was a very good telegraphist. Recently Mike Flowers, K6MKF, Secretary of the Northern Califorian DX Club, sent me the following card for VK3BH. Mike had found my reference to VK3BH after ‘poking around on the web’.

The operator’s name was Charles Whitelaw and the card was sent to W6IKQ. This card and others were sent to Mike from the daughter of one of the Northern California DX Club’s founding members, Felix “Phil” Caldera, W6IKQ. The card was obviously an important confirmation and included the message on the rear side. Note that there is no VK country reference, although the call area number three (3) is included in the call-sign. Mike thought I would like a copy. The card is dated 7th April 1938 just before World War II and just before Australian amateurs were required to shut down their stations. I never met Charles Whitelaw but I suspect that there may still be a few amateurs alive who remember him.

The question that arises for me is, was Bert Hansen the next holder of the call sign after Charles Whitelaw? I cannot answer that as I did not own a call-book until 1976. Someone in VK3 may know the answer. Thanks for the card Mike and the history associated with it. I am sorry you have to postpone your visit to Australia because of Covid 19.

2 thoughts on “VK3BH, 18th July 2020

  1. Hi Paul
    Thanks for the comment. Both Mike and I are in the reflecting period of life! It is great to look back and be thankful for the experiences we have along the way and to share a little in the history of our great hobby.

    John D

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