VKFF Sapphire award 5th July 2019

It is great to get an award for activating parks, in this case, 75. I did briefly hold out the hope I could get another 25 unique activations completed in 2019 to bring the total to 100. I will rest my case and not make promises.

4 thoughts on “VKFF Sapphire award 5th July 2019

  1. Hi Paul
    As you know we have been doing a bit of exploring and have a few parks lined up. I am just waiting for the weather to improve.
    John D

  2. Hi Chris
    That is a very kind offer. Paul has an award for activating five, ten and up parks in August for the National Parks and Wildlife Service re-birth here in South Australia. We could do a joint activation.
    73 John D

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