Lightning never Strikes Twice in the Same Place, or does it?

First the earth moved for us on 8th August 2018! An earthquake, measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale shook Adelaide and the hills at about 8.30 pm. The prelude to the earthquake was about 50 mm of rain over the day before.

On Friday night I attended the AREG (Amateur Radio Experimenters’ Group) meeting in a sea-side suburb not far from the airport. We had a wonderful presentation from a Bureau of Meterology official (about to become an amateur) on how the BOM can assist amateurs with matters to do with the ionosphere. It was a sunny, cloudless afternoon, when I began my drive to the meeting, but the weather bureau had issued warnings for late Friday evening and Saturday. When I left the meeting it was raining and once I started to drive up the hill on the South-eastern Freeway the rain was really heavy. I thought we were in for a typical wet and windy night. There was no sign of any electrical activity. That was to come as I was to find out on Saturday morning.

We were struck by lightning on Saturday morning at about 4.20 am. I made my way to the smallest room in the house and switched on the light. Nothing happened! At about 07:30 I checked our inverter (we are off the grid) and it was not inverting. I ran through the start-up sequence and it fired up. I breathed a sigh of relief. This is the third or fourth time in 15 years of living at Scott Creek that this has happened.

But back to the storm.

The storm was overhead. The gap between the thunder and the flash was milliseconds!  I made my way back to bed and had just settled when we both heard what sounded like a whip crack. I wondered what had been hit and found out soon enough. Our modem-router was dead. It is likely that the telephone line/ lines were hit and we took a power surge.

I felt like playing Beethoven’s sixth symphony, The Pastoral, where when the storm has passed local shepherds sing and have thankful feelings.

I dislike electrical storms. Thankfully all antennas were disconnected and my Nally tower is appropriately grounded.

5 thoughts on “Lightning never Strikes Twice in the Same Place, or does it?

    • Hello Anthony
      Thank you for reading my post. I have added a new power board to our system and the phone line and power cables are now routed through that. I can also have the ethernet cable and
      tv antenna also given similar protection by also be routed through the new board. I have since discovered the phone’s built-in answering machine had all the messages wiped.
      John D

  1. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the comment. Well I have now discovered the ethernet board in the computer was damaged as was the answering machine (within the phone). It confirms my diagnosis as described above. I have added a wireless adapter to this computer and I had to buy a new router/modem. So we got off pretty lightly! Thankfully everyhing in the shack was disconnected. I hope you had a lot of fun at the RD contest.
    John D

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