VKFF Hunter Certificate 400, 20th December 2017

VK5BJE VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 400 version 1

I was pleased to make 400 contacts with operators in Australian parks to qualify for this award. Thanks to all of the amateurs who have been such active and avid activators, some travelling great distances to operate from remote and infrequently visited Parks.

6 thoughts on “VKFF Hunter Certificate 400, 20th December 2017

  1. Congratulations are in Order John a lot of effort you put in
    Have a top Christmas and New Year hope to work you again
    73 Rod VK2TWR

  2. Hi Rod,
    Thanks for the congratulations. It has been hard going recently with poor band conditions and losing some momentum because of illness. But I will keep chasing through 2018 and try and also hit the 100 activations for WWFF. I look forward to working you again soon.
    John D

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