Lake Tyers State Park, VKFF-0761, 23rd & 24th April 2017

Lake Tyers State Park is just a few kilometres from Lakes Entrance and after a visit with our son and his family to Lake Tyers Beach, a walk and lunch at the Take Tyers Beach Tavern, we thought we should visit for radio and bird-watching purposes. ‘Lake Tyers State Park extends from Lake Tyers Beach to Mount Nowa Nowa.  Tall eucalypt forests surround the northern shores of Lake Tyers, and a thin sand spit divides the lake from the ocean’ State Government Parks Brochure.

now I can relax

Now I can relax!

We actually spent time at the park on two subsequent days: 23rd and 24th April. On the 23rd April we drove to Lake Tyers House Road and followed the road towards the sea. The map shows four roads/tracks into the Park. We drove down a track closer to the Highway (the Parks Guide called it Devils Hole Track) and not quite as far in as Happy Valley Track. The four wheel-drive track was quite sandy and care is needed as it was soft. We came to a clearing and I set up there. The bush was magnificent although not like the rain forests of the mountain parks. This track does not provide access to the water.

Lake Tyers State Park

Before arriving at the Park with our family we visited the Stony Creek Trestle Bridge on the now closed Orbost line. The bridge is 276 metres long and 19 metres high and was built early in the 20th century. It is only about four kilometres from the highway at Nowa Nowa and is well worth a visit.

Trestle bridge

While there the Veterans’ Motor Cycle Club arrived to visit the bridge. These folk all had Indian motor-cycles, both new and vintage. It was a most impressive display of these wonderful machines. I was given a most informative tour of the motor-bikes and they invited me to take some photos.

Veterans' Motorcycle Club

Day One Contacts

04:58 VK5FMAZ/P Marija at Cooltong Conservation Park, VKFF-0823

VK5PAS/P also Cooltong Conservation Park










VK4FW/P Nour Nour National Park VKFF-0701










VK5HYZ/P Scott Creek Conservation Park VKFF-0788






VK3PF/4 D’Augilar National Park VKFF-0129 & VK4/SE-043






05:48 VK4VXX

All contacts were on 40 metres, 15 Watts from Yaesu 857D and linked dipole. I tried 20 metres without success.

Day two contacts 

On day two, 24th April, we drove to the Westerly boundary of the park (visible from the highway) and at the first access point to the park after leaving Lakes Entrance. We drove down the road towards the sea and took Petersons Road to Toorloo Arm. Petersons Road is clearly marked on the Visitors’ Guide but not named in the map shown above. We could see private property from where I set up near the southern boundary of the Park. The Visitors’ Guide map is much better than the map I have reproduced. I did not have a copy of that map on the days we visited.

All contacts were on 40 metres and I was on the air  at 03:25.

VK2LAX/P Rod in VKFF-0417








VK3TKK/P Port Campbell National Park VKFF-0420






VK4VXX/2 Mutawintji National Park VKFF-0374






VK3TKK/P Twelve Apostles Marine National Park VKFF-0420





VK5FMAZ/P Morgan Conservation Park VKFF-0911

04:49 VK5PAS/P Morgan Conservation Park VKFF-0911

I then moved to 21.076 to try JT65A. I was hoping to work some Asian DX. As I was setting up and using my 40 metre antenna, I heard loud signals but by the time I was ready to operate the band had gone dead.

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is a great spot for a holiday. We certainly enjoyed our stay and for the week we were there the weather was splendid.

While at Lakes Entrance we did some walking along the lakeside, on 90 Mile Beach, took a cruise on the Lakes and saw lots of wild-life including seals.

Lakes Entrance

The entrance to the Gippsland Lakes. Permanent dredging is required to keep the entrance open.

Eco Cruise

We took a three hour cruise on this very comfortable ship. The cruise was excellent.

Greater Egret

Great Egret

Gaff rigged sail boat

Gaff rigged ‘Couta’ yatch: one of many racing on the Lakes.


White faced Heron

Juvenile tern

Juvenile Tern

The cruise was excellent for anyone interested in wild life and photography. These are just a few of the photographs I took.


I was able to activate five Parks (three more towards the Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award) and two SOTA summits conjointly on this holiday trip. The visit to Kara Kara National Park was my second activation.

  1. Kara Kara National Park and West of England Fire Tower 45 qsos
  2. Kinglake National Park 32 qsos
  3. Yarra Ranges National Park and Mount Donna Buang 59 qsos
  4. Snowy River National Park 61 qsos
  5. Lake Tyers State Park 61 qsos making a total of 258 qsos

Once again thanks to all who gave me a call and a special thanks to those who spotted me in the various locations.

Jenny identified sixty species of birds (‘qsos’?) on the trip and her trusty Morcombe Field Guide is nearly falling apart!

5 thoughts on “Lake Tyers State Park, VKFF-0761, 23rd & 24th April 2017

  1. Hi Paul, thanks for the comments. I used my 100 to 300 mm Zoom lens. I took a lot of shots and some I think are not too bad. I reckon a tripod might help. Hand-holding a long lens is challenging. We had a great time in Victoria. It all seems a long while back now. So much has been going on, especially preparing for Hahndorf next weekend. I hope the weather is going to be kind?
    John D

  2. Hello Andrew
    Thanks for the comments on the blog and advising me about the slip up in dates. Perhaps that was because of the abrupt ending to the holiday with the excursion to the Box Hill Hospital? I never thought the whole experience came to a usual holiday ending! However, we had a great time through the first week and we enjoyed getting back to Gippsland where we spent so many holidays as a young couple. The contrast between the mountain parks and the coastal parks is just incredible.

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