Scheyville National Park, VKFF-0444, 27th December 2016

Scheyville National Park is only a 20 minute drive from our son’s home at The Ponds. It is the closest national park to this area and Cattai National Park is not that much further to go. Here is a link to an earlier activation which includes some photos:

The land contains the remnants of a built environment. More details are provided in my earlier post. I did drive right through the park on this occasion looking for activation spots and chose to return to my first location used last time.

I thought I would make an early start at the Park and there was no one else there that I could see. I did have a break when a Ranger spotted me and drove down to my location from Memorial drive. He had never heard of amateur radio. He was quite interested in my set up and was fascinated by HF communications. Of course he knew about radio communications and pointed out the radio in his Departmental vehicle.  I showed him my log and at 22:42 UTC I had a contact with Ian, VK1DI/p, who was at Yurammie State Conservation Area, VKFF-1403 and my only park to park contact. He was impressed. I also showed him my post for my last visit to Scheyville, two years ago to the day. He pointed this out. He also told me that the ants that were attacking us were meat ants. They track down their prey – in this case humans and even if you move to a new location they soon find you! This is the first time I have spoken to a NSW Government Ranger.

I thought I would begin my activation on 3.610 Mhz at 22:02 UTC hoping to attract some nearby NSW amateurs and posted to this effect on Parks and Peaks. I did not get a contact on 80 metres which was a bit disappointing as I and others, especially Paul, VK5PAS, make good use of this band for portable activity at home and I had some success on 80 metres at the Greater Bendigo National Park.

I moved to 7.144 Mhz and called CQ at 22:09. Peter, VK3ZPF answered my call with s53 r52. A promising start was made on 40m and I had high expectations of a good morning, even though it is a public holiday here in NSW (and may be elsewhere).

Quite a few CQs later I worked Tom, VK5EE, at Mount Gambier 57 54

22:19 VK3FORD 55 55 Matt at Swan Hill

22:25 VK4HNS/P Neil 58 55

22:28 VK3PMG Mick at Stawell 59 57

22:29 VK3GGG 59 57

22:30 VK7AN Al on the North East Coast of Tasmania 59 57

22:33 VK5HCF Tom at Mount Gambier 59 54

22:35 VK5PAS 59 57

22:38 VK3SQ Geoff 59 54

22:42 VK1DI/2 Ian at VKFF-1403

22:45 VK2KYO Ken 59 55

22:48 VK2HHA 59 59 Denis Albury

22:51 VK5FMWW Mike 55 45

22:52 VK5FVSV 55 45

22:54 VK5ZGY Greg 51 51

22:57 VK7CW Steve 59 57

22:59 VK2MTC 59 59 Greg at Cooma

23:00 VK2XXM 59 58 Robert

23:03 VK3MRG 51 51 Marshall

23:07 VK3RV Peter 59 55

23:15 VK3WQ Jenny 59 56

23:19 VK4RF Rick 59 57

23:10 VK4HA 59 57

This is the point where the Ranger visited and at 23:43 I called CQ on 14.310 for quite a few minutes before returning to 7.144. I made no more contacts but it was a most enjoyable activation and thanks to all who gave me a call.

2 thoughts on “Scheyville National Park, VKFF-0444, 27th December 2016

  1. Hi John,

    I’m pleased to hear that you had some positive interaction with the Ranger. That is always a good thing.

    You had a very nice signal here to the Adelaide Hills, and I was very pleased to be able to log you.


    Paul VK5PAS.

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