WIA Norfolk Island Award 2016

It was my intention to attend the Wireless Institute of Australia Annual General Meeting held on Norfolk Island over the weekend of 27th, 28th and 29th May. I indicated this while in Canberra attending the 2015 AGM. A change in health status made attending risky. So I could not join the considerable contingent from VK5 (over thirty persons). However, I shared in the event as best I could, vicariously, by chasing stations for the Norfolk Island Award and multiple contacts with VK5 stations on Norfolk Island and through enjoying posts on Facebook. I have reproduced my application log below.

Norfolk Island award blogNI award blog

As you can see there are a few issues noticeable to seasoned observers. My claimed contacts are highlighted. First, there is only one contact shown for 40 metres with VK9PAS/9. While I heard VK6FMON, Monique, and VK5FMAZ, Marija, operating QRP stations from Mount Bates, on 40 metres, conditions were just not able to support two-way contacts. Secondly, I was only able to secure one CW contact, with Ron, VK3AFW/P9 on the 20 metre band. I used my VK5PF call, reserved for CW. And finally, there are no contacts with the Australian DX station, VK9NT. This wasn’t for want on trying. I restricted myself to just two modes: ssb and CW and listened quite a bit for them. One evening I listened to the station on 80 metres: signals into the Adelaide Hills were excellent, over S9 and the band was quiet. I thought I had a chance, but I just couldn’t make it with 100 watts! And then they closed down the station!

Thanks to the WIA awards team. It was fun chasing these stations and the Award certainly created some interest on the mainland.



6 thoughts on “WIA Norfolk Island Award 2016

  1. Hi John,

    Congratulations. It was my pleasure to be able to work you from Norfolk Island. I could see myself retiring there but I don’t think Marija will be in agreeance. Again, well done on the certificate.



  2. Hi Paul
    It was good fun working the ten plus stations – it would have been much more difficult without the Sunday morning pilgrims to Mount Bates!
    John D

  3. Hello Andrew,
    When I saw the award and all of those all buildings I thought it was great. Of course, the buildings are relics of the penal history of Norfolk Island, often brutal and certainly challenging for the keepers and the kept and very remote. I always wanted to visit the Island, but I guess it will not happen now. Chasing the contacts was great and band conditions were only just fair. Thanks for the comment.
    John D

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the comment. We are hoping to put on a really good event for the WIA next year with something for both old and new amateurs. You will enjoy the AGM and associated activities.
    John D VK5BJE/VK5PF

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