Mount Arapiles, VK3/VW-022, VKFF-0765, 11th April 2016

After leaving Butcher Gap Conservation Park and Kingston SE we drove to Naracoorte where we stayed overnight. The next day, Monday, we were to drive to the Grampians National Park to stay in the small resort town of Halls Creek for a few days. There we would meet our son and his family from Sydney. We had plenty of time for the journey so we had planned to re-visit Mount Arapiles, Sota peak, VK3/VW-022, worth one point to the SOTA activator. However, while I had qualified the peak on a previous visit, I could now activate the peak again in a new year for an additional SOTA point.

Here is the link to that activation:

Also since the last activation, Mt Arapiles-Tooan State Park has now been added to the available parks for the purposes of the WWFF program as VKFF-0765. So there are now two reasons to visit this magnificent location.

While driving to the summit, accessible to two-wheeled vehicles, I noticed that the sky was threatening rain. Perhaps this was the remnant rain which passed over the Coorong National Park as we drove from Adelaide. At Mount Arapiles the wind was blowing but not quite at gale force. On my previous activation I did not set up at the summit – there were simply too many rock climbers and visitors around.  This time I decided to seek a more sheltered spot.

We spent just over an hour at Mt Arapiles and I qualified the summit with 20 contacts and made a reasonable start towards WWFF qualification.

Here is my SOTA log for the activation.

Mt Arapiles Log

view from Mount Arapiles

JCD photo

This photo shows a view looking towards the summit of Mount Arapiles showing the grain cropping land of the Wimmera in the background. The views from Mount Arapilies are spectacular. The Northern end of the Grampians is just visible in the photo. The distance between Mount Arapiles and the Grampians is stated on a plaque at Reeds Lookout in the Grampians as 45 kilometres.

Once again thank you to all of the chasers. It was great fun.

5 thoughts on “Mount Arapiles, VK3/VW-022, VKFF-0765, 11th April 2016

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Mt Arapiles is renowned for its rock climbing areas. I have always found the place to be pretty busy. It is only worth one SOTA point: but it is well worth a visit! The CFA fire lookout building is a bit intrusive right near the summit: perhaps a reminder of a bygone era. I suspect if it was being built today it would be a more environmentally suitable design. We had a great week: more posts to come. Thanks for the comment.

    John D

  2. Hi John,

    I activated Mount Arapiles recently as well. Nice views from the summit. Nearby Natimuk is a very historic little town. My Nana spent her final years there in the retirement home (originally from Horsham).



  3. Hi Paul,
    I remember when I first drove the Western Highway and I was stunned at how flat it is. Mt Arapiles really does stand out! I first went to Horsham for a weekend in 1963, by rail, from Melbourne. Again the ‘flatness’ was overwhelming, especially coming from Tasmania.
    John D

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