Ten Tec Rebel (Model 506) : disassembling the case, 24th October 2015

There have been a few questions asked about disassembling the case of the Ten Tec Rebel. Here is the essence of my post in the Yahoo Group.
1. with an appropriately sized screw driver (you need some torque to avoid damaging the screw heads and case) remove the four screws in the case. There are two at each end. Jewellers screw drivers are a no no!
2. Remove the nut from the BNC antenna connector. This is a plated nut which holds the antenna connector to the case. The antenna connector is mounted on the board as you will see when you disassemble the case.
When these two steps are completed the case should come apart. It will be easier the second time around.
You must remove the nut from the BNC connector. Some people are missing this and if you apply too much force you will damage the box or board.
You do not have to remove the cover over the usb port.

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