Devils Peak, SOTA VK5/NE-080, 15 June 2015

Devil's Peak start of the walking trail. JCD photo

Devil’s Peak start of the walking trail. JCD photo

Devil's Peak. JCD photo

Devil’s Peak. JCD photo

We climbed the Devil’s Peak in fog and descended in sun-light. It is quite a difficult climb when slippery, especially carrying radio gear, squid pole and other items such as water. A highlight for me was working Ian, VK5CZ, on six metres. I was inspired to make a dipole after my visit to Canberra for the WIA AGM where I saw the local amateurs having contacts on VHF and UHF. I am hoping to do some more work on six metres closer to Adelaide and try and generate some more interest in this band for portable use.

Devils Peak VK5/NE-080 Log

Devils Peak VK5/NE-080 Log

3 thoughts on “Devils Peak, SOTA VK5/NE-080, 15 June 2015

  1. Howdy John,

    I saw the excitement on your face when Ian came back to your call on 6m. So the homebrew 6m antenna is working a treat.

    Thanks for being our SOTA companion. It was a fun climb and activation.

    Best 73,


  2. Hi Paul, I keep saying to Jenny how quickly the nine days disappeared. It was a wonderful experience and while I might have tackled Lake Torrens NP I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Mt Arden. But I am glad we tackled Mt Arden on the Monday and, despite the sun’s super activity, we did activated it quite successfully. I would have liked to get another six metre contact but they might have to happen more closely to Adelaide.
    John D

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