Flinders Ranges National Park, VKFF-176, 20 June 2015

After leaving our camp at Merna Mora Station we made our way into the Flinders Ranges National Park, VKFF-176, via the iconic Brachina Gorge.  It was a great introduction for those who have not visited this Park before. The sun was shining, the colours were rich and deep, and two rock wallabies were sunning themselves and were apparently happy to have their photos taken many times. We made our way to the Aroona Ruins and set up our stations there.

This was one part of the park I had not activated previously. All was quiet until a vehicle arrived with a particular brand of refrigerator (I will not mention the name here) but luckily he was a fly-in-fly-out type.

Paul, David (VK5KC) and I all set up separate stations. Here is my log:

14.310 VK4FE/P4 at 01:24, s5 & 9, r5 & 7. Fred was in VKFF-367

14.310 VK6MMB/P6 Michael VKFF-209

10.130 VK2YK s5&7 r5&9 Adam

10.130 VK3DBP Paul

10.130 VK3PF Peter

10.130 VK1DI Ian

10.130 VK3PI Mark

10.130 VK3SQ, Jeff at Beechworth

10.130 VK5ZAI Tony at Kingston SE

10.130 VK2GKA, Karl from the Southern Highlands

18.123 called CQ and tried to work a WA6 who was loud

10.130 VK2NP Cliff

21.150 VK2NP Cliff (being frequency and band agile, thanks Cliff)

21.150 VK4FAAP Fred s5&3 r5&3

21.150 VK1DI Ian

7.095 VK4AAC/P5 Rob at Vivonne Bay Conservation Park VKFF-811

7.095 VK5TW Trevor at 03:06

It was time to pack up and look for a lunch stop. We soon found a site near a creek and stopped for lunch and relaxation.

It was time to move on to Wilpena Pound for fuel and a look at the facilities. Paul was happy to set up straight away and work his 44. It was not quite as urgent for me as I had 33 contacts already from this Park.

I set up where I previously activated the Park at Wilpena: just off the overflow car park.

Here is my log:

14.310 05:40 VK2HCT Bruce s5&9 r5&9

7.1oo VK3YSP/P Joe at the Melbourne Museum

7.100 VK3FOWL/P Julie at the same location at Joe

7.105 VK5ZAR Arno

7.105 VK5KC/M David

7.105 VK5IS Ian

7.105 VK3DCU David

7.105 VK3FMRC Tony

7.105 VK5HYZ  David

7.105 VK5TR Jim

7.105 VK2LX Grant

7.105 VK5JST Jim

7.105 VK5PAS/P5 Paul at Wilpena Pound and within sight. He was loud!

7.105 VK5NRG Roy

7.105 VK5FANA Adrian

7.105 VK5FTPT John

and at 06:45 on

7.095 VK4FFAB/P4, Rob in VKFF-109.

What a great way to finish the session with a Park to Park contact. Thanks Rob, you made my total 32 contacts from this Park and a grand total of 55 contacts more than qualifying the Park with the required 44. Many thanks to all who gave me a call.

Here is a link to my 2013 activations at Flinders Ranges National Park. If you ever get a chance to visit this great park in the beautiful Flinders Ranges you should jump at the chance!


3 thoughts on “Flinders Ranges National Park, VKFF-176, 20 June 2015

  1. Howdy John,

    This was an interesting activation for me…getting told off by the Ranger for having the squid pole holder in the ground. Tut, tut!

    And I don’t think I’ve ever worked someone as close as we were.

    Best 73,


  2. HI Paul,
    I am glad you have met one of those guys! They are meant to be stewards of public property not bullies. I am pleased I finished up well and truly qualifying this park for WWFF. I think if I come back I would try and climb a summit in the Park: the Park contacts would be just a bonus.
    FT817s don’t have much capacity to withstand strong signals near by. I was only using a nominal 10 watts (about 8.??) on a better meter.
    73 & 44
    John D

    • It had to happen eventually John.

      If DEWNR only concentrated more on picking up people’s dumped rubbish, policing dogs in parks, cleaning up and maintaining the parks, opening up visitor centres, unlocking gates, getting their website in order, etc, etc, rather than having a go at the good people who frequent their parks, it would be all for the better.



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