Mt Ginini, VK1/AC-008, Namadgi National Park, VKFF-377, 8th May 2013

After lunch we travelled to Mt Ginini. While the sun was still shining the temperature had dropped to 4 degrees Celsius and the wind was blowing really hard. It was also very cold! We all activated the summit successfully and I secured ten contacts. Mt Ginini, like Mt Coree is in Namadgi National Park, VKFF-377 and these ten contacts together with the 15 from Mount Coree means I have successfully activated the Park for the VKFF program. By the time we had finished our activation the temperature had dropped to two degrees Celsius. It was very cold and the wind chill factor was severe. I thought it was going to snow.

Mt Ginini log VK1/AC-008

Mt Ginini log

Mt Ginini has been a place I have long wanted to see. It is, of course, the site of the ACT repeater, VK1RGI, 149.950 – 600Khz transmit, also 91.5 Hz tone, provided by the Canberra Amateur Radio Club: a repeater I have used on previous visits to the ACT and while in New South Wales. But Mt Ginini is also a very significant peak in the Brindabella Ranges also known as the Brindabells. Mt Ginini is 1,762 metres above sea level (5,781 feet). The NSW/ACT border runs along the ridge of the Brindabella Range and the surveyors would have had lots of challenges in their work during the early part of the 20th century.

The picture below shows VK5PAS/P1 operating a Icom IC703, ten watt transceiver, contacting European stations from Mt Ginini. He is in a prone position to minimise the cold wind.


4 thoughts on “Mt Ginini, VK1/AC-008, Namadgi National Park, VKFF-377, 8th May 2013

  1. Hi John,

    Other than an activation I did with Ian VK5CZ in the Mid North of S.A., this was the coldest activation I’ve been on. The pen literally froze to my hand whilst I was on 20m.

    Nether less, I was very happy for another ‘unique’ summit and to also bag 45 contacts towards the WWFF program.

    Best 73,


    • Hi could you help me in the sixties there was a Bob Harding of 22 Saunders street Wynyard Tas his call sign was VK7NB4 ALSO HE KNEW David Cleland I don’t know his call sign could you tell me if Bobs electronics business is still going?
      many thanks for your help

      • Hello Bob
        Thanks for the comment. I did grow up in the North West Coast of Tasmania at Devonport but left for Hobart in January 1960. I did know one or two amateurs there, but not elsewhere on the coast. Wynyard was a ‘long’ way from Devonport in those days! Narrow windy roads were the order of the day on the coast, I never knew Bob Harding and I did not know about his business. I suspect that quite a few, if not all of the amateurs active in the 1960s will not be with us now, sadly. I can only suggest you might contact some of the local radio clubs. Addresses and contact details can be obtained from the Wireless Institute of Australia web page: see radio clubs by State. I do not know a David Cleland. I am sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

        John D

  2. Hi Paul, as you know I retreated to the 4×4 and I had thermals in place! But I enjoyed the experience and as I mentioned in my blog I have always wanted to visit Mt Ginini. Thanks Andrew.

    John D

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